The Big Apple Boom Boom

Last edition of Nightclub Confidential included a post about the Boom Boom Room, NYC’s newest venue perched high atop Andre Balazs’ new Standard Hotel, which has the nightlife social scene buzzing. Using Fashion Week to soft launch the venue seemed like a brilliantly orchestrated plan to get the fashion elite into the venue, which has repeatedly been called stunning and gorgeous. With Fashion Week over, the Boom Boom Room took a brief break before reopening to the lucky public who can qualify for entrance at the end of September, weeks sooner than originally announced.

While rumors ran amok on which club team or A-list promoter might be brought on board to certify the venue’s success, our favorite NYC scribe and blogger Steve Lewis announced last week that a source had tipped him off that Balazs’ and his crew would keep it in-house, hiring Kamil Parchomienko to oversee the potentially “legendary” space. Parchomienko isn’t an outsider to Balazs’ army; he previously held posts at both the Los Angeles and Miami extensions of the Standard brand and also has previous stops at high-end eateries like Mercer Kitchen on his resume. According to Lewis and his stable of insiders, the Boom Boom Room is looking to execute two seatings; one earlier (4-9 p.m.) with a focus on small plates before transitioning into late night.

With no promoters in the fold, look for the Boom Boom Room to play off of Balazs and the Standard brand as well as the plush space to keep the venue busy.  People who have been in the venue, report it is indeed drop-dead gorgeous, with small nooks and crannies scattered around the room, both indoors and out, and bathrooms that have to be seen to believe. Being formatted as a rooftop hotel bar rather than a rooftop lounge or club space will be tricky because people say the space is better suited for cozy conversations than table-top dancing. The challenge for Balazs and Parchomienko will be to create enough energy and vibe within the beautiful space to keep it jumping and prevent it from falling into the boring hotel bar category. Without tried and true promoters signed onto the project, it ups the ante even further. With New York — and the country — watching, the next move belongs to Balazs.