Mike Ginley Prepares for Consumer Beverage Report at VIBE Conference

The VIBE Conference is just around the corner and event organizers are working around the clock to make this year’s conference one to remember. Everything from interactive workshops and exciting keynote speakers to networking opportunities and receptions, the agenda is chock-full of exciting events.

One workshop that you should be sure not to miss is the Annual VIBE Beverage Consumer Trend Monitor Report presented by Mike Ginley, founder of Next Level Marketing.  Recently, I had the chance to discuss with Ginley the latest on-premise beverage trends report for the chain beverage professionals – answering the questions you want answered – as he prepares for the VIBE Conference in March.

This exclusive report, designed specifically for VIBE attendees, surveys over 500 on-premise national chain consumers and focuses on what these consumers want to see as it relates to beer, wine and spirit cocktails. Ginley explains that “there are three categories that are looked at which includes consumers from all the top casual dining, fine dining and hotel chains throughout the country.”

He goes on to say that half of the survey is made up of repeat questions that look at trends, tracking flavor profiles and what’s emerging. The second half of the survey looks at questions raised by past VIBE Conference attendees. This portion allows attendees to get the answers to specific information that helps shape their beverage program. Ultimately, the survey looks at “what will bring a consumer to a particular venue” and “once within the four walls, what do they want” states Ginley.   

One prediction for 2013 that Ginley believes will continue to grow is the perception of value among consumers. While value is key for today’s consumers, most consumers define value as the highest quality for the best price, not just the lowest price. The 2012 Report confirmed this with 75% of consumers using highest quality for best price as a determining factor to visit a specific establishment while 16% stated lowest price and 9% for highest quality.

For more information on Ginley’s session, the show or to register, visit www.vibeconference.com.