Tenaya Creek Brewery Partners with Wirtz Beverage Nevada

In a new agreement, Tenaya Creek Brewery and Wirtz Beverage Nevada are partnering to bring the local brewers craft beers statewide. A favorite amongst Nevada consumers, Tenaya Creek’s lineup of specialty craft beers has grown a cult following in the market since 1999. Wirtz Beverage gained the distribution rights to the established brewery’s portfolio in June.

Tenaya Creek   Wirtz

“Wirtz Beverage can help us expand our reach. The fact thatthey can take our brands and move them statewide is a real advantage,” said Tim Etter, founder of Tenaya Creek. “We’re used to being the local guys; we’ve built and grown our brands here in Nevada. It’s our home and there’s no reason why our beers shouldn’t be available to anyone here who wants to drink them.”

Tenaya Creek Brewery was opened as a restaurant and brewery in 1999 by Tim Etter and his three siblings, all born and raised in Las Vegas. After discovering their real passion was beer, the family dropped food service to focus on the brewing process. In 2008, Tenaya Creek draft beer debuted in the Las Vegas marketplace and has grown ever since. To satisfy consumer demand, the company expanded in 2010 and will do so again in 2014 with the goal of significantly adding to production capability.

“Recently, there’s been a huge call for quality, local craft beer and Tenaya Creek is at the forefront of that charge in Nevada,” said Michael Shetler, craft portfolio specialist at Wirtz Beverage Nevada. “They’re the hometown guys known for consistently creating great beer and we’re excited to be able to help them expand their reach.” 

Today Tenaya Creek’s portfolio includes five year-round and 10 seasonal brands. The distinctive brews will be available in package and draft selections statewide. Recognition for its handcrafted beers include “Best In Show” honors at the International Beer Festival as well as a Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival. This July, Tenaya Creek will appear on the Esquire series ‘Brew Dogs’.

Wirtz Beverage Nevada is recognized as a leader in the wholesale distribution business leveraging the expertise of a renowned team of craft beer specialists with a progressive go-to-market approach.

“Experience and investment in the craft category make Wirtz Beverage an ideal partner,” continued Etter. “We like the direction they’re moving in.”