ValuePlan Offers New Low-Cost Business Valuation System

Chico, CA, August 10, 2011 – ValuePlan has introduced a new, low-cost business value system designed for bar and nightclub owners, CFOs, and their business advisers. The system provides a fast, flexible way to estimate the market value of a bar or nightclub, for buying out a partner, bringing in an investor, for estate planning, or exit planning.

The ValuePlan system will determine the value of a bar or nightclub business at a fraction of the cost of a typical business valuation. The new ValuePlan system builds on 25 years of business valuation experience and on the systems development expertise of Hans Schroeder, ASA, an MIT grad and software designer turned business valuation expert.

The ValuePlan model uses data from sales of similar businesses and from industry sources specifically for each type of bar or nightclub. For example, the model treats sports bars differently than cabarets.

The ValuePlan system also develops cash flow projections for the business using advanced quantitative techniques. The system uses up to eight methods for calculating value, and uses a proprietary technique to derive value multipliers. Owners can quickly and easily explore different growth scenarios to immediately see their effect on business value, and can test out different revenue and profit assumptions.

The ValuePlan system is intended for internal management use only, and is not intended for situations requiring a formal valuation for submission to the IRS, the SEC, or for litigation. The system has been used successfully in valuing businesses ranging from less than $100k revenue to over $1.9 billion in sales.

ValuePlan is a joint venture of BEAR (Business Equity Appraisal Reports, Inc.) and BVG (Business Value Group, LLC), which have performed thousands of business valuations nationwide since 1986. The companies have offices in Chico, CA and San Carlos, CA, and work with affiliated CPA firms around the country.

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