The Wire (March 2011)

Monster Drop Game

Monster Drop

Benchmark Games announces “Monster Drop,” an individual or two-player concept that awards a jackpot prizewinner. Players time the drop of the high-energy ball so it falls through one of the three different-valued pockets; there’s a winner every time. Monster Drop uses LED lighting, dynamic sound and Intelli-Triple Ticket Dispensers, allowing for operator adjustable game parameters. Monster Drop comes with a one-year warranty.

J.M. Garret Foods Appetizers
JM Garret

J.M. Garret Foods introduces eight new appetizers to its product line, which include an added protein such as chicken, beef or pork and can be heated in a fryer, convection oven or an impingement oven. The new appetizers include Banana Pepper Rings, Santa Fe Beef Planks, Santa Fe Chicken Planks, Chicken Club Bites, Tamale Stix, Mini-Tater Skins, Popcorn Cheddar Bites and Great Bites of Fire, which are a Buffalo chicken dish.

Tyson Signature Ready Bone-in Wings
Tyson Signature

Tyson Food announces its Bone-in Wings, jumbo size crispy wings that are freshly tossed in Tyson’s signature sauce. The wings are available in three different varieties: Tyson EverCrisp Individually Frozen Wings, known for their crispiness; the most versatile wings, Tyson Fast Finish Wings; and Tyson Oven Roasted Wings, which are ready for dipping or saucing straight from the fryer or high-heat oven.

Coin Mechanisms Inc.’s LED POV Sign

Coin Mechanism

Coin Mechanisms Inc., introduces LED POV Sign, a spinning sign in full color display that’s used for POS advertising logos, slogan and special announcements. The two columns of 96 LED lights rotate at high speeds, creating graphics and text. The display can show up to 26 frames per second with seamless animations and videos. It scrolls images and texts and is viewed in a 360-degree circle. The onboard memory can hold up to 200 images in as many as 512 colors, and it requires a Windows-based system, running on Windows 98, XP, Vista or 7.