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Floatie Kings Creates Unique Inflatables for Restaurants, Bars, and Hotels

Make Your Restaurant or Bar Stand Out

Floatie Kings creates unique inflatables just for you – whether you want a giant inflatable chef wearing your uniform, a massive beer bottle, or thousands of inflatable gifts to give away.

You can also create a memorable entrance way out of inflatables. Floatie Kings have created huge art installations and 40-foot inflatables for launch parties and brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Google, and more.


Case Study: Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts

One of the most recognizable buildings in the world, the Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai, just wasn’t complete without a Floatie Kings inflatable.

With a 25-page branding guide, this project was incredibly precise and highly customized.

The result was hundreds of memorable gifts for guests – further solidifying this legendary brand into their minds.

Everything is Done In-House

Unlike some of their competitors, Floatie Kings does not contract out any of the work they do.

From the designs, to the building, to testing out the inflatables for quality and durability, their in-house team manages every single detail of your project.

Ultra-Fast Turnaround

If you have a big weekend coming up, a new menu launch, or a party for a special customer, you might not have two months to wait for slower inflatable teams.

Floatie Kings has the fastest turnaround time in the industry – partly because their American-based team is able to create and ship their custom creations from in the USA.

Social Media Boost

If you got a giant inflatable pizza from your favorite pizza place, wouldn’t you post a picture of it online?

One of the unexpected benefits of working with Floatie Kings is that many customers can’t wait to take a pic next to your giant inflatable chef.

Many restaurants get a surprising boost on social media after they work with Floatie Kings for just that reason.

Sales, Contests, and Giveaways

Whether you have a new menu coming out or you just want to give people a little extra freebie, custom inflatables are a perfect way to make a splash.

You can even sell them to your most enthusiastic customers who want to show off their affinity for your drinks. (Bar goers love going home with inflatables!)

No Minimum Order Quantities

Many custom inflatable companies require you to order at least 100 units – which is often unnecessary, especially if you just want a single large inflatable to wave down customers on the street.

Floatie Kings has no minimum order requirements, and they take every project seriously, whether you have one small pool float or thousands of monster-sized beer bottles.

More Incredible Clients

Malibu Rum, Beatbox, and Super Coffee have all worked with Floatie Kings to help customers remember and fall in love with their brands.

Along with legendary names in the food and beverage industry, they’ve also worked with NASA, Nike, YouTube, Amazon, Disney, and more.

No client is too big (or too small).

Get Your Custom Inflatables Now

No matter how precise your branding is, no matter how unique you need your inflatables to be…

The design professionals at Floatie Kings can make it happen.

With experience working with some of the biggest brands in the world, they consistently deliver the highest quality of work with impressive build quality, eye-catching designs, and vibrant colors.

Get In Touch With Their Design Team

You can reach Floatie Kings by their website here: or by phone at +1-904-507-4914. 

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