One for the Road: Growing Your Bar or Restaurant

Welcome to the March edition of One for the Road, our new monthly column where we ask industry experts to weigh in on a theme or topic covered during the month.

For March, we asked:

What is your top piece of advice for growing a bar/restaurant?


one for the road

Frederic Yarm, Lead Bartender, Josephine, Somerville, MA

While you can do everything possible to make your establishment a great place while guests are there, connecting with previous and future guests through social media when they are at home will pay dividends for returning and potential first-time guests.

Social media is a way to reach out to folks to remind them that you exist, talk about new items and events, and enlighten them on the hows and whys, like delving a little deeper with history or background or into staff stories. Social media is akin to watering a plant – too little and things dry up, and too much and the whole suffers.

Keep it fresh by varying the posting style and image content to appeal to different interests. Too many photos in a row of just food or just drink grows old; change things up with interior shots, staff action shots, and more. Think about what will trigger old guests to return and potential new guests to want to try things out, so work on connection and temptation while communicating your establishment's personality and warmth.



ostean demps one for the road

Ostean Demps, AC Honolulu, Honolulu, Hawaii

Find your target market. Remember names and faces. It's very crucial when starting out because they will come back to see your bartenders. After you meet and know their names, introduce them to other patrons at the bar. It makes for a great impression on the bar, and they are more likely to come back to your bar to meet their new friends and feel more comfortable coming into a place where they are already recognized.

Personality sells. Make it a place where people want to hang out. The food has to be great, but after that, it’s all on the staff to love what they do. If this is already happening, try adding higher-end items to the menu.


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