How to Pour More Profits - With Just Water!

In a landscape where partnerships and thought leadership are tantamount to the long-term success of the restaurant industry, an innovative program can go a long way. Nestle Premium Waters created such a program with Pouring Profits. Initially launched as a tool to right-size operators during the early influence of the pandemic, it delivers consumers a strong and safe value proposition while inviting guests to discover a new way to enjoy the Premium Waters portfolio for a single per person price.

Pouring Profits is designed to provide immediate, measurable sales volume, and it is also an effective training tool to be leveraged across a variety of customer bases ranging from polished casual to fine dining to lodging operations. The program not only increases profits, but also strengthens a venue’s commitment to its customers. The outcome of this pricing program is verifiable success, streamlined operations, simplified sales training, and guest brand affinity.

Major Food Group, founded by innovators and risk takers Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi, and Jeffery Zalaznick, were the early adapters of Pouring Profits and initially began on-boarding the program as early as 2017. They have been experiencing escalating success across all of their fine dining restaurant brands since 2020.

“In addition to having to pivot during unique circumstances, this program arose successfully out of necessity when Carbone introduced large plates and family style dishes. We simply didn’t have the space to properly accommodate our guests. Pouring Profits (called Unlimited Pours by the Major Food Group) has become a standard for our fine dining restaurants,” says Will Nazar, Chief Development Officer.

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The Pouring Profits initiative, serving both Acqua Panna and San Pellegrino for an average per person price of $9, has also translated into a more effective service staff and improved non-alcoholic sales volume. With each table, service staff can easily apply the per person price, offer the Acqua Panna and S.Pellegrino in 1L formats, and maintain service tempo and the guest experience while seamlessly alternating premium still or sparkling water offerings at a single, profitable price.

“We’d been evaluating a range of service modalities that would really benefit both the operations as well as the guest and bottom-line sales,” says National Account Manager Yvette Mathis. “Pouring Profits allowed our partners to provide an unlimited pour scenario that met a multitude of needs.”

As a training tool, the program allows servers to understand the benefits and salesmanship of non-alcoholic items, and these products drive tip volume. The Major Food Group also shares that from an operational standpoint, the guest receives an elevated and uninterrupted dining experience while also eliminating waste.

Since the program inception, Major Food Group premium water sales volumes have grown roughly by 40%, and they have achieved over 30,000 cases annually throughout nine of its 10 participating brands. They remain one of the leading growth brands in the Nestle Premium Waters portfolio.

Today, 21 locations throughout the system are utilizing the Pouring Profits model to achieve similar product, staffing, and operational successes.

For additional information on how to bring the Pouring Profit program to your venue, restaurant, or hotel please contact Yvette Mathis [email protected] or Brooke Raleigh [email protected].