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Kitties and Rhinos: 2XL Swagger Brands Goes Wild in More Ways than One

You’re all decked out and ready for a night on the town. The plan is in motion. You begin at the local pub for a quick start. Meet up with friends at the cool hip bar to get things going. After some new connections, it’s out for some serious dancing at the club. With a little luck, you’ll even enjoy a nightcap with your new dance partner. From there, well, the night will tell! All along the way, you’re drinking the same old thing. Sure, we all have our go-to brew or cocktail, but how many times can you throw those down before it gets stale? Nobody wants to fall into familiar habits that keep you from being your best. Sometimes, you have to change things up to maintain that A-game.

It’s time to throw the rules out the window. Don’t stick with the same tired old moves; it’s time to go bold — to go wild. It’s time for you to go for PinkKitty and EasyRhino. This surprising new line of blended drinks not only tastes wild, but the makers are committed to protecting wild animals deep in the savannas of Africa. From the unique and enticing blends of herbs that define its flavors to how it partners with the Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit, this drink brings wildlife from the bottle to your spirit and back into nature. You’ve never had an adult beverage like this. Are you ready to take a step into a brave new world? Of course, you are!

A New Way to Fuel Your Fire

That night out you’ve been planning takes a little fuel to get going. Enjoying a couple of drinks is always a good way to get started, but 2XL Swagger Brands levels up the game, stoking your inner beast with more than just alcohol. These proprietary elixirs have been formulated by local Austin botanists who have crafted a blend of herbs that not only gets you going; it actually enhances the fun and pleasure on your night out. This touch of magic comes from a deep understanding of natural ingredients and how respecting balance in flavor reflects seeking balance in nature.

And that didn’t come easy! A whole lot of experimental hit-and-miss went into delicately equalizing the properties inside 2XL Swagger’s PinkKitty and EasyRhino drinks. Only with they’re experts’ deep understanding of natural ingredients and how respecting balance in flavor reflects seeking balance in nature could they have come up with this mystical concoction. Landing on premium vodka as the perfect base for this special libation. The result is a new world of flavor for your big night out. PinkKitty and EasyRhino are formulated for fun and focus so that while you enjoy your night out, you are still ready for action.

2XL Swagger Brands Goes Wild

Now that you know that 2XL Swagger Brands listens to nature when it comes to balancing its flavors, it’s time to talk about how much farther they go beyond that. Solidly committed to balancing nature, 2XL Swagger takes action in a really big way. Because of cruel, careless and pointless hunting practices, lots of wildlife out there are threatened with dwindling numbers and even extinction. And 2XL Swagger Brands just can’t abide by that.

When you order a glass of PinkKitty or EasyRhino, you’re not only making your night more awesome; you’re making things better for endangered wildlife all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. 2XL Swagger Brands donates a generous portion of sales to the Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit, the first predominantly all-female anti-poaching organization in South Africa. These fierce fighting lasses personally protect some of the world’s most majestic creatures. Tirelessly defending wildlife turf, these superwomen need all the help they can get. “We’ve got to keep their fire lit just like we’ve got to keep yours going when you’re stepping out for an evening of romance— and we know just how to do both in one shot,” says Robert Tushinsky, Founder of 2XL Swagger Brands.

When you purchase one of 2XL Swagger’s delectable drinks, know that proceeds from your purchase go to stop poachers from killing rhinos and lions. By supporting The Black Mambas APU together, 2XL Swagger and their customers protect horn and claw from those cowardly poachers. You and your new special someone can embrace your mutual promotion of wildlife — both in nature and with each other!

Welcome to the Jungle

Now that you know how 2XL Swagger’s delightful adult beverages make you feel like a beast inside and out, it’s time to track some down. Keep your eye out for PinkKitty and EasyRhino at your local liquor stores, beverage centers, and nightlife destinations. Their invigorating natural potions are sure to give your inner animal a boost. And if you don’t see it at your local bar or favorite liquor store shelf, be sure to ask for it. Believe us — it’s only a matter of time before you spot this brand of creatures everywhere.

We all need to unleash the wildlife lurking within us once in a while. Give their primordial potions a try for that extra punch you need to get you through the night! A whole new experience awaits. And know that as you are on the prowl for your new favorite drink, you’re also protecting the real wild animals who need our help. Welcome to the jungle and in more ways than one. Just be ready to growl once you’re out there!

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