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Evolve heads to Las Vegas to talk to Sin City's top operators about how to stay open during Covid-19 (Las Vegas)

The Evolve series continues  this month with a focus on Food and Beverage in Las Vegas, one of the greatest hospitality cities in the world. Normally, we never miss an opportunity to head to Sin City, but due to Covid-19 restrictions, we’re virtually tuning in with experts and industry icons to see how they are handling the pandemic. Las Vegas is one of the most affected cities in the United States, as measured by drop-off in travel. We’re excited to welcome speakers the largest casinos, including the new $4.3B Resorts World, Downtown Vegas, and off-strip independents.

Ryan Doherty


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First, we’ll hear from Ryan Doherty, founder of Corner Bar Management, who has opened several venues during the pandemic. Doherty is no stranger to building businesses back up, as he has created numerous activations and festivals while helping revitalize the downtown Las Vegas area. Hear how he has transformed dance clubs into restaurants, and how his team is bringing events back.

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Juyoung Kang


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Juyoung Kang is the bartender at the famous Dorsey cocktail bar within The Venetian. The Dorsey is the brainchild of Sam Ross and offers some of the most innovative and creative cocktails in the world. Through these stressful times, Kang has refocused their efforts, turning liquid inventory into liquidity. During Evolve, she explains how they maximized guest services despite Covid-related restrictions like time limits and early closing hours.

MTI Products

Those that didn’t have a strong food program in 2020 were hit especially hard by Covid-19 restrictions. Many chose to stay closed because they couldn’t afford to buy new kitchen equipment. But MTI Products has easy, affordable solutions. Whether an operation is looking to add a foodservice program or expand a menu, MTI makes it possible without costly renovations or extensive business redesigns. The pandemic has shifted how bars and breweries operate, and MTI Products offers actionable insights to help restore your bar profits.

Phil Wills


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Phil Wills is the co-founder of Spirits in Motion and a long-time industry trainer for corporate, independent, and celebrity operations. For Evolve, he breaks down what it means to build a profitable and smart beverage program in 2021 – even with all the changes in consumer behavior, staff turnover, and limited resources. For those looking to turn up their profits, don’t miss Wills take on draft cocktails and other ways to drop more money directly to the bottom line without sacrificing beverage quality or speed of service.

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Adam Rains

Adam Rains is the Lead Mixologist and Beverage Director for the Golden Tiki, an iconic bar off the strip of Las Vegas known for its amazing tiki program. Tune in to hear how Rains is focused on pulling in targeted regulars based on the time of the day with tourism down as much as it is. He also offers insights for finding the right combinations of promotions and specials without affecting yield management too much.

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Ronn Nicolli

Ronn Nicolli, an 18-year veteran of Las Vegas, is poised to make history later this month when he opens one of the most expensive properties ever built in Las Vegas: the Resorts World Las Vegas. Resorts World is a $4.3B, 3,500 room mega-resort and casino that has over a hundred thousand square feet of space dedicated to immersive experiences for guests. Nicolli serves a dual role as VP of Marketing for the Zouk Group in addition to VP of Nightlife and Lifestyle Marketing for Resorts World. It is the first major resort to open in Las Vegas in over a decade, and a stunning achievement during the current economic climate. Hear how Nicolli is using a focus on culture and values to attract the best talent while staying hyper-focused on customer service ahead of the opening. Not a session to miss if you want to be inspired!

Alfredo Malinis

Chef Alfredo Malinis currently serves as Executive Chef with George Hospitality and the soon to open SALT restaurant. Before that, Malinis had the honor of being invited to cook at the legendary James Beard Foundation from his superb menu and food offerings in Charlottesville, VA. He has opened multiple independent restaurants along the East Coast and was part of the team at MGM’s National Harbor. Regardless of the environment, Chef Alfredo’s approach doesn’t change, he upholds the highest standards for every meal. Learn his techniques for creating a buzz-worthy culinary offering, whether you’re a relaxed pub or James Beard House.

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