Bar & Restaurant Joins the Hospitality Recovery Coalition

Bar & Restaurant strengthens our commitment to the hospitality industry through our new partnership with the Hospitality Recovery Coalition. (LicorBeirao / Pixabay)

We’re excited to announce our partnership with The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States’ Hospitality Recovery Coalition. The growing organization has become a powerful voice for the hospitality industry, lobbying the government to protect the interests of bars and restaurants throughout Covid-19.

“The addition of Bar & Restaurant strengthens the coalition’s broad range of expertise and increases its ability to assist on-premise partners, such as restaurants, bars and distilleries, reeling from the severe economic impacts of COVID-19,” says Distilled Spirits Council President & CEO Chris Swonger on behalf of the coalition. “Our goals are the same – to support hospitality businesses facing incredible challenges because of the pandemic. We look forward to continuing to amplify the plight of the hospitality industry and working to secure policy changes that will help them get back on their feet.”

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The Hospitality Recovery Coalition is constantly working to support the industry within government. Currently, they’re urging lawmakers around the country to support to-go cocktails and direct-to-consumer shipping of spirits, two initiatives that will benefit hospitality operators devastated by the pandemic.

“Bar & Restaurant has been dedicated to supporting operators through this pandemic since the very beginning, and we are excited to continue those efforts alongside the Hospitality Recovery Coalition,” says Vice President of Bar & Restaurant, Tim McLucas.

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If there’s one lesson the industry has learned over the last year, it’s that we can no longer be silent. The government needs to hear from independent operators and understand their needs. “Through our platforms, we’ll amplify the work of the coalition and the voices of operators around the country. Getting our industry up and running again is our main priority, and we’re honored to stand with the Hospitality Recovery Coalition to do so.” 

Keep an eye on our website for updates about the coalition and ways you can support their initiatives.

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