Constellations and Cocktails

Everyone loves to occasionally read a horoscope or peruse a zodiac chart, and the management at the InterContinental Hotels and Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts in North America has launched a stellar new drink list and promotion with that in mind. Twelve new cocktails are showcased on a signature menu introduced in August 2008 that will run through August 2009 with one cocktail designed for each astrological sign on the zodiac calendar. The 35 InterContinental and Crowne Plaza property bars across America are also outfitted with wheel-shaped menus, posters and take-home books with drink recipes and photography. 

"We hired a person to work with us who knew something about astrology,” says Jean-Pierre Etcheberrigaray, vice president of food and beverage for InterContinental Hotels of North America. “And, Francesco Lafranconi of Southern Wine & Spirits designed the drinks. So this is very high level cocktail design.”

Individuals whose sign is Aries are described as the life of the party, flirtatious and competitive on the menu; reflecting that persona, the Twisted Horn cocktail involves Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, Grand Marnier, cranberry and lime. Those born under the sign of Sagittarius, or simply fans of bourbon, can try out the Orange Arrow, which blends two bar spoons of orange marmalade with Woodford Reserve bourbon, apple juice and lemon juice. The Twin Sin (pictured) plays on the Gemini sign. Bartenders are enjoying the increase in orders and a heightened connection with patrons, thanks to all 12 star-aligned cocktails. The drinks are priced $9 to $15.

"It’s a fun way of selling a professional cocktail that is also very approachable and affordable,” Etcheberrigaray says. “We are seeing increased connection from bartender to client and from client to client when people order them.”