Craft Cocktails: Make Magical Mixtures in Your Own Home

SAN DIEGO, CA — Muddle & Stir is passionate about cocktails: making them, drinking them, talking about them, and helping others create them in their own homes. Founded in 2015, the professional bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts at Muddle & Stir offer quality cocktail-related products and ingredients, knowledge, recipes, technique videos, and inspiration for those who want to make craft cocktails expertly in their own kitchens or bars.

In this interview, Leo Zweig, Owner of Muddle & Stir, talks about the growing popularity of craft cocktails, Muddle & Stir’s passion for sharing its expertise, and the many online ingredients and products available to budding do-it-yourself mixologists through Muddle & Stir.

Q: Where did the idea of Muddle & Stir come from?

A: Craft cocktails seem to be everywhere, and we keep running into people who are intimidated by the idea of creating something beyond Gin & Tonics at home. As professional bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts, we know that making magical mixtures at home is not only possible, but fun, exciting, and delicious! So Muddle & Stir really came about as an idea to bridge the gap between the cocktail consumer and the mixology industry. We wanted to share our passion about making cocktails, drinking them, and talking about them by helping others create them in their own homes.

Q: How can Muddle & Stir help the home mixologist?

A: The sole intent of Muddle & Stir is to help home mixologists overcome the fear of making cocktails by understanding the process, the ingredients, and by having the best products available online at their fingertips. We not only source and offer the best quality bitters, syrups, mixers, shrubs, bar tools, glassware, and specialty items around, but provide the knowledge and inspiration to use them expertly in your own kitchen or bar.

Q: What does M&S offer the cocktail novice, enthusiast, and mixologist that they can’t get elsewhere?

A: That’s easy . . . it’s our personality, products, and passion for what we do. Our Instagram (@muddleandstir) and Facebook (@muddlestir) feeds grow every day because we provide intriguing recipes with commentary that our followers love. Plus, our products are incredible! We have a unique list of boutique bitters products, including Crude Bitters, El Guapo Bitters, LA based Miracle Mile Bitters, and the renowned Dr. Adam Elmegirab’s Bitters collection. We even import products from our friends in Canada with Black Cloud Bitters. We also offer delicious syrups, shrubs, hand-blown glass products, and many other artisan cocktail accessories.

Q: Tell us about Muddle & Stir’s “Oak Bottle.” What is it?

A: Muddle & Stir’s Oak Bottle is our number one selling product. This patent-pending, American Oak design takes barrel aging cocktails and spirits to a new level. Shaped like a spirits bottle, the oak vessel matures spirits, wine, beer, coffee, and cocktails in hours and days versus weeks or months in the normal barrel aging process. The product comes in two sizes: the “Master” (750ml), which retails for $79.95, and the “Mini” (16oz), which retails for $59.95. Both are available for 15% off when you use promotional code Take15 right now.

Q: What’s next for Muddle & Stir?

A: Muddle & Stir is always looking for ways to learn about and educate others on the many new and old spirits, liqueurs, techniques, and products for making incredible craft cocktails and experiences. We are constantly creating opportunities to source on-trend products not only for consumers but for the bar, restaurant, and hotel industries. In the not too distant future, Muddle & Stir will launch a new distribution model solely based on bitters for the industry. In the meantime, we will continue our thorough refinement and tasting the cocktails we create and the products we offer. It’s painstaking work, but someone has to do it. Cheers!