Hot Toddy Twists for National Hot Toddy Day

Happy National Hot Toddy Day!

While it seems like there’s a ‘day’ for everything (and honestly, there is), these mini-holidays are great opportunities for bar and restaurant operators to take advantage of some built-in marketing. National Hot Toddy Day is an easy one, because a hot toddy is more a state of mind than anything else.

Sure, there’s the classic recipe (whiskey, lemon, honey, hot water combination). But people are pretty lenient when it comes to the hot toddy these days. Read on to find four recipes that show off how versatile this drink really is – you can make it with rum, gin, even coffee.

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The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club

1oz Ford’s London Dry Gin
.5oz Giffard Creme de Fruit de la Passion
.5oz Campari
.25 Rich Demerara Syrup
3 dashes TN grown Citra Hop Tincture 
3 dashes Cinnamon & Habanero Tincture 

Start kettle, warm hot toddy mug. When kettle reaches 212°f, empty mug, build ingredients in glass and top with hot water. 

Nearly Ninth

New York City’s midtown darling, Nearly Ninth, has done away with whiskey in their Mexican-inspired riff on a hot toddy. Instead, their ‘Meet me in Tijuana’ cocktail uses Patron Añejo – perfect for tequila lovers.

'Meet me in Tijuana'

1.5oz Patron Añejo
.75oz French Ginger Liqueur
.5oz Amber Agave 
.5oz Fresh Lemon Juice

Build ingredients in (12 to 16oz) toddy mug, stir, throw in a cinnamon stick and fresh lemon round. Top with hot water, stir with cinnamon stick and enjoy!

The Bar at Deer Path Inn

The Raspberry Rose Hot Toddy at Deer Path Inn
The Raspberry Rose Hot Toddy at Deer Path Inn (Deer Path Inn)

Over in Lake Forest, Illinois, Deer Path Inn is leaning into their English heritage with a Raspberry Rose hot toddy. The Bar, located inside the stately boutique hotel, is known for their standout, Instagram-friendly cocktails. If you’re looking for an easy drink that gets a lot of social media traction, this is the one. Served in a tea cup and garnished with flowers.

'Raspberry Rose Hot Toddy'

1 ½ ounces 28 Mile American Gin
1 cup of raspberry rose tea
1 tablespoon local honey
¾ ounces lemon juice

Combine all ingredients into a mug and garnish with dry rose buds and lemon wheel


A white mug with red writing sits on a counter, whipped cream is swirled on top
'Peppermint Mocha Hot Toddy' at Tulips (Tulips)

Down in Texas, Tulips, a live music venue, is serving a decadent, Peppermint Mocha hot toddy, that’s really closer to an Irish coffee than anything else – but hey, it’s all about marketing. They use Godiva liqueur, Rumplemintz and fresh hot coffee to create this dessert-worthy cocktail. And it goes to show you you don’t need to be a fancy cocktail bar to make a killer concoction.

'Peppermint Mocha Hot Toddy'

1 oz Godiva liqueur
½ oz Rumplemintz
Freshly brewed hot coffee (enough to fill the remainder of the mug)
Coffee mug of choice
Whipped cream

Combine Godiva liqueur and Rumplemintz in mug. Top with hot coffee. Finish with whipped cream.

Meanwhile Brewing Co.

A hot toddy

Amaro is always a good idea. That's why Meanwhile Brewing Co. in Austin, TX created the Amaro Hot Toddy. Made with Pasubio Vino Amaro, spiced brown sugar syrup, lemon juice and hot water - it's the ideal cosy drink for cool nights. 

'Amaro Hot Toddy'

2 oz Pasubio Amaro
3/4 oz spiced brown sugar syrup (recipe below)
1 oz lemon juice
6 oz hot water

Top with a cinnamon stick garnish 

For the sugar syrup 

1 cup water
1 cup brown sugar
3 cinnamon sticks
1 tsp whole cloves

Add all ingredients to a pot, and heat on medium-high heat. Whisk to dissolve sugar. Bring to a boil and then simmer for 10 mins. Strain out cinnamon and cloves. 

Brugal 1888

Here’s a hot toddy twist from Brugal 1888 rum, they’re calling ‘Ponche 1888’. If you’ve learned anything here today it’s this: you can get away with calling anything a hot toddy as long as it’s good. And this one is damn good – a hint of banana liqueur brings a bit of tropicality to the classic.'Ponche 1888'

1.5 oz Brugal 1888
.5 oz Giffard Banana du Bresil 
.75 oz lemon juice 
.5 oz local honey 
6 oz hot water

Add hot water to Toddy glass, add honey, lemon juice, Brugal 1888 and Giffard. Stir until honey is dissolved. Garnish with lemon wheel, cinnamon stick and bay leaf. 


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