Introducing a Coaster that Keeps Your Drink Cold: The Cooler

Cooler CoasterThere is a new, innovative product that is currently on the market; a coaster that keeps drinks cold called the Cooler. The Cooler comes in 5 sizes to fit for all glasses and of course bottles were not forgotten. There are several colors to make sure it fit sin any interior. High precision CNC machines with high quality material was used.

Special aluminium alloy anti-corrosion (from Italy) and the colors are made by anodizing treatment. The assembling of the Cooler is done manually with special care. The Cooler is 100% freezer safe. With the special rubber painting, the Cooler does not slip down any type of inclined surface.

Put the Cooler in the freezer for a while (minimum 5-10 minutes), even better for some hours and you are ready to use the Cooler.

The Cooler is made from aluminium outside, filled with propylene glycol USP and closed with a cap and O-ring hermetically to keep the cold from the freezer. After removing from the freezer the Cooler gives back the cold to the glass or the bottle which is in contact directly with the drink. The Cooler is recognized as safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

For more information please visit The Cooler.