It's Time to Give Your Food Menu a Makeover for Spring

Every so often, restaurant owners have to think of new ways to impress their guests.

Even if you run the most popular eatery in town and have crowd favorites on your menu, people want to see innovation. It's why so much change happens all the time, and you can easily reflect that in your restaurant.

Before you start planning an expensive renovation, take a look at your menu. When was the last time you updated it or revised options that don't sell as well as others? Customers love when they can try something new at a restaurant they trust, especially when they see seasonal changes.

This spring, check out these food and beverage menu makeover ideas. They're simple to adapt to any restaurant theme and are sure to please your daily crowds. Put some new things on your menu mix and see how they impress your guests.

Shredded Pork Entrees

When the weather begins to warm up, everyone wants to go outside and head to a barbecue. They're fun ways to enjoy great food with friends and family, so pick a new menu option that invokes those happy memories.

Pulled pork is easy to make and use in different recipes. You might offer carnitas, spring rolls or even salads that feature it. Get your barbecue seasoning ready for some tasty new offerings.

Lemon Glaze Desserts

During the winter, people want desserts that are rich and smothered in chocolate. Now that it's nearly spring, drop those hearty options for something lighter and just as flavorful.

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Lemon glaze desserts are such a spring crowd favorite, you can find an almond cake recipe with lemon glaze in the New York Times. Cover traditional or gluten-free desserts in the glaze, such as individual cake slices or doughnuts.

Colorful Citrus Salads

It's trendy for people to order creative salads when they dine out. Typical house versions won't cut it anymore, so offer customers colorful citrus salads this spring. The taste is nearly as refreshing as a warm spring breeze. Use citrus dressing on chicken and steak salads, or combine it with bowls topped with artichoke and almonds.

Light Vegetarian Sandwiches

Some customers now order vegetarian options to fit their dietary needs, so expand on your veggie-based entrees. A versatile menu is essential in any restaurant. Places like Poke the Bear welcome all types of guests with meals like their veggie flatbread.

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Vegetarians are tired of eating salads for every meal, so a variety of sandwiches will be a welcome addition to those tired of eating only greens and meatless winter chili.

Juicy Cherry Martinis

Don't forget about upgrading your drink menu as well. Seasonal drinks entice customers to try something new, especially when you make a captivating Cherry Martini that tastes like the finest spring fruits. Make sure your menu explains that the drinks will only be around for a limited time so they catch on quickly with nightly guests.

Seasonal Fruit Appetizer

Spring is the perfect time of year to indulge your customers in seasonal fruit. While you rearrange your appetizer menu, include a fruit board in place of heavy bread. Options like watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew and strawberries will stand out from your competitors and serve as a refreshing replacement to calorie-heavy alternatives.

Your Guests

Throwing a new option onto your menu won't work if it doesn't fit alongside what your customers already order. Take a look at which of your menu items are most popular, and find spring foods that play with the same tastes and colors. Your work will pay off when your guests find innovative ideas at their favorite restaurant and come back for more before summer arrives.

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