#NCB2021 Brings World Tea Conference & Expo to Las Vegas

These two legendary events are uniting at this year’s Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas, creating an even bigger, more valuable expo for attendees (View Apart / GettyImages)

If you’re not serving tea in your venue, here’s a number that might shock you: 159 million Americans a day drink tea. Hot, iced, sweet, herbal – Americans can’t get enough of it, and the United States is the third largest importer of tea in the world. And as alcohol consumption is declining and people are more health-conscious than ever, its popularity is about to soar.  

That’s why Nightclub & Bar Show and World Tea Conference & Expo have decided to co-locate our two events this year. With low and no alcohol beverages expected to become a trillion-dollar industry by 2024, this is the perfect time for bar and restaurant operators to learn more about tea and how it can ultimately boost their revenue.

Nightclub & Bar Show has been North America’s premier industry conference for over 30 years, and the World Tea Conference & Expo – which was due to take place in Colorado –  is the most influential gathering for the tea community. Now, we’re excited to announce that both events will be held simultaneously at the Las Vegas Convention Center from June 28-30.

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Tim McLucas, Vice President, Bar & Restaurant, Questex sees this as, “an important and exciting move for the tea, bar and restaurant industries. It provides critical new opportunities for business growth and evolution, in addition to expanding the audience reach, and encouraging innovation and new business partnerships.”

If you’re wondering why your venue should care about tea, it comes down to the bottom line. With more people leading sober or ‘sober curious’ lives,  there’s a new market for high quality, no and low abv cocktails. As sober bartender Robert Björn Taylor explained during our Evolve session, this opens up a whole new world for beverage programs. People want the experience of going to a bar and having a well-executed drink, just without the alcohol. And, they’re willing to pay the same price that they would for a traditional cocktail. Considering how affordable tea is – that’s easy money in the bank.

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If you’re curious about how to bring tea into your venue, make sure you stop by the Food & Beverage Innovation Center on the show floor. Here, chef Brian Duffy and bartender Bob Peters will be showing you real ways to use tea in your food and beverage programs.

“The versatility of tea is amazing,” says Chef Duffy. “A great cup to chill you out, a cup at the end of a meal to cleanse the palate… use it to infuse for cocktails or smoke fish, porch or bleach items for a subtle flavor.” Duffy sees this as a great opportunity to show off an ingredient that has been relatively overlooked by most operators. “Teas and aromatics can be used to create signature blends that bring additional revenue and creativity to a menu.” Find out how tea can work for you at the Food & Beverage Innovation Center, or head to the World Tea Conference + Expo to learn straight from the tea experts.  

Keep checking barandrestaurant.com and NCBshow.com for show updates and all the latest news. We’re looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas and getting back to business!

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