See What Kitchen Equipment Middleby is Bringing to the 2024 Bar & Restaurant Expo

The 2024 Bar & Restaurant Expo, returning to the Las Vegas Convention Center March 18-20, is pleased to once again partner with Middleby, the leading solution provider for commercial kitchens worldwide, as this year’s official Kitchen Equipment Sponsor of the expo’s Restaurant Zone. The Restaurant Zone is a 15,000-square-foot area of the expo floor dedicated to culinary exploration and high-end equipment demonstrations. The second annual Kitchen Equipment Showcase, powered by Middleby, will also return to this year’s Restaurant Zone.  

At the Kitchen Equipment Showcase, Middleby will debut its latest product launch, Evo® VentCore™ Universal Hood. This unique innovation recently received certification from UL Solutions, the global leader in appliance testing, for ventless operation of electric cooking appliances. The Evo® VentCore™ Universal Hood can handle high-volume output from equipment such as the Taylor® double-sided grill, Nieco® chain broiler, and Pitco® fryers. The advanced filtration system captures and obliterates fats, oils, and grease during the cooking process as well as eliminates cooking odors.  

Additional products—all electric!—that will be featured at the Kitchen Equipment Showcase include:  

Blodgett Electric Hydrovection Oven

middleby ventless cooking solutions
(Photo: Middleby)

The Blodgett Hydrovection is the only split door, continuously humidified oven on the market. With its compact 38-inch footprint, the same as a convection oven, the Hydrovection saves space in the kitchen. The Hydrovection allows users to bake, roast, gratinate, poach, and more—all in less space. 

Turbo Chef Plexor M2 

This ventless cooking oven is built for smaller locations, and it allows operators to combine impingement technology and rapid cook capabilities in the same unit. One of the most unique features of the TurboChef Plexor M2 is the inclusion of two separate cooking chambers that provide different cooking features. Operators can determine the right combination for their unique menu execution with options including an impingement oven, a rapid cook oven, a convection oven, or a combination of two. 

Carter Hoffman Crisp ‘N Hold Crispy Food Stations 

Ditch the heat lamps and improve holding time and the quality of fried foods. With this unit, food stays hot and ready to serve for an extended period of time with less waste.

Evo EVent Teppan Grill 

The EVent 48E allows for Teppanyaki and Hibachi methods of cooking without the need for an overhead hood. The high-efficiency electric griddle is integrated with a ventilation system that extracts air across the griddle surface through a series of filters, including an electrostatic precipitator, which removes smoke and grease particulates before exhausting clean air. 

“We are excited to welcome Middleby as the official Kitchen Equipment Sponsor for the second year,” said Tim McLucas, Vice President of Bar & Restaurant Group. “Middleby’s showcase of leading kitchen equipment products is a key opportunity for operators to understand how today’s technology can transform their ability to expand their food menu offerings and increase profitability.”  

In addition to The Kitchen Equipment Showcase, the Restaurant Zone will also include The Food & Beverage Innovation Center, where attendees can catch live, dynamic cooking demonstrations led by a team of top chefs, and The Bistro, where Bar & Restaurant Expo VIP Pass holders can enjoy a full-service experience complete with food, drinks and the latest technology. 

“Following on from a successful event in 2023, Middleby is proud to continue its sponsorship of this event in 2024,” said Dave Shave, SVP, Global Sales and Distribution, TurboChef. “The ability to showcase the innovations that Middleby has to offer and have real time engagement with customers at the show is invaluable. The bar and restaurant segment continues to be resilient and as operators look for innovative solutions to drive quality offerings, Middleby has the products to support their initiatives. From Ventless to automation and beyond, we have the equipment for all. The team at Middleby looks forward to a successful 2024 Bar & Restaurant Expo.” 


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