The Top Food & Beverage Articles of 2019

Image: VikaGeyder / Shutterstock (Burger with knife, French fries and beer)

Throughout 2019, we’ve been introducing you to Nightclub & Bar’s Five Pillars, the five major areas of business on which operators should focus their efforts.

Food & Beverage is one of these core pillars, of course. Bars and restaurants stand out from their competitors, particularly in crowded markets, with the food and drinks they offer guests. Over the span of just a few years, consumer behavior has reshaped guest expectations: they expect top quality, sustainable programs, meat alternatives, zero-proof drinks, customization, and convenience.

The articles below are the most popular Nightclub & Bar F&B articles of 2019.

We’re about to welcome 2020, the start of a new decade. These articles and the information contained within will give you an idea of how consumer tastes are shifting so you can make informed—and profitable—F&B decisions.

Top 5 On-Premise Cocktails Revealed

Nielsen CGA used data to uncover the top cocktails in the United States. They built multiple lists using different datasets so operators can make informed menu decisions.

3 Global Bar Pros Predict 2019 Trends

Did these operators and bartenders in Scotland, England and Australia nail their predictions? And will those predictions carry over to 2020?

This Exciting New Bar Technique is Changing Everything

A focus on bases and modifiers certainly makes sense when looking at your cocktail menu. But what about the actual production of those drinks? This technique can change your drink game.

Mock Cocktails, Real Money: Zero-proof Drinks Bring Big Dollars

It’s no longer enough to offer guests who aren’t consuming alcohol in your bar or restaurant soda from the gun, juices, coffee or water. Putting thought behind a zero-proof program can be a profitable decision for a multitude of reasons.

Tips on Taps: How to Succeed with Draft Cocktails

Missy and Kristin Koefod, the minds behind 18.21 Bitters, Drafts+Dogs and The James Room, have found great success with cocktails on tap. They share the lessons they’ve learned and tips to succeed with draft drinks.

The Tipple Trends to Watch Through 2019

Technomic is one of the best sources for industry predictions. Midway through 2019 they predicted the trends we should all watch not just this year but moving forward into 2020 as well.

Instagram Live Menu Review! Chef Brian Duffy Shares Valuable Menu Insights

Back in May of 2019, Chef Brian Duffy took to Instagram to read through three real-world restaurant menus to share his thoughts and advice. The insights he provided can help operators refresh their own menus.

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