[Video] Interview with Healthcare Journalist on Her Predictions

Questex is the parent company of Bar & Restaurant that puts on both the Nightclub & Bar Show and the VIBE Conference. Questex is also invested in several other sectors including biotech, pharma, and healthcare. We will be sitting down with our colleagues that are covering the COVID-19 pandemic from a medical and health perspective to gain better insight into how we can be best prepared for what life looks like after the stay-at-home mandates start to loosen. 

Tina Reed is the Executive Editor of FierceHealthcare.com and in addition to being a healthcare journalist, she is also married to someone in the bar & restaurant industry. We asked her the same questions that she is hearing at home the most:

  1. When can we expect the economy to reopen
  2. What might the new normal look like for on-premise dining
  3. How much notice might operations get before being able to reopen
  4. What are the trusted resources Tina likes to check

Reference Link:
Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Map and Metrics

Univeristy of Washington's IHME Projections

CDC Case Update Tracking

NYT Interactive Map and Case Tracker

Editor's Note: When listing the seven states for the northeast pact, I mistakenly missed the great state of Rhode Island. Apologies and hopefully we don't end up on their state's humours twitter account, RI Problems.