Welcome to Bar & Restaurant!

We're excited to introduce you to our new identity: Bar & Restaurant!

This site remains your go-to resource for how best to manage your bar, restaurant, and nightlife venues. Our flagship event, the Nightclub & Bar Show, celebrates 35 years in 2020 but so much has evolved over that time. Nightlife and consumer tastes have changed drastically, and culinary continues to rise as a crucial piece of the guest experience.

We’ve seen an explosion in our Food & Beverage Conference, the F&B Innovation Center has doubled in size, and we’ve introduced the inaugural Welcome Kickoff Food Festival to our 2020 show lineup. All these factors have led us to evolve our media brand to better fit the audience we serve.

Our rebranding of nightclub.com to barandrestaurantexpo.com is the first step in an integration strategy rolling out over the next few months to create a year-round platform for the bar and restaurant industry, featuring content aligned with the pillars of our brand: guest experience, operations, food & beverage, technology, people and marketing. You’ll see these pillars as the main content channels both on our website and in our conference programming at the Nightclub & Bar Show, held March 30 through April 1 in Las Vegas.

Expect to receive the same BarIQ newsletter in addition to the new Survival Guide series we’ve added. You can check our Marketing Guide and Profitability Guide to gain insight from our top speakers on these topics.

We’re excited to kickoff this new brand with all of you. Thank you for reading and for being a part of our hospitality community. Welcome to the new Bar & Restaurant! — Jeremiah Batucan (email | IG)