10 Ways to Create an Unforgettable Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Party Ideas

Super Bowl Sunday provides a challenge for most sports bars owners and operators.  While it’s one of the most watched sporting events of the year, the majority of patrons choose to watch the game at home or at a friend’s house.

How can you step up your game and provide and unforgettable experience that draws in customers? Here are a 10 ways to help gain momentum for your promotion in the final days leading up to the big game and keep guests long after the final score is determined.

Super Bowl Party Ideas

Up your food game. Provide something other than wings dings and French fries. Remember your competing against home cooked appetizers.  Create the dished beforehand, take photos of your special Super Bowl items, and post them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

Provide special discounts. Offer special discounts from now until Friday encourage your potential guests to make a reservation earlier. A 20 % discount beverages or a complimentary cocktail will be more than sufficient to attract your guests early.

Super Bowl Party Ideas

Get into the game. Buy an airhorn and use it when there’s touchdowns, interceptions, etc. to raise the crowd’s energy. When a touchdown is scored make the staff automatically scream and yell rant and rave. You can also divide the house - put half of the staff in one jersey and half in another jersey. You have to raise the energy, you have to make it fun and the best way to do that is through your staff.

Bring in cheerleaders. The Friday night before and have them clearly specify that in your offering on Super Bowl Sunday. Beautiful girls will certainly contribute to a good atmosphere leading up to the Super Bowl and during the game.

Keep the party going. Can you do something at the end of the game to get guests to stay an extra hour? One suggestion: A memorabilia auction - buy an autographed football for a few hundred dollars and get guests to stay an hour longer to win that football.

Make sure people can hear the commercials. For many watching the commercials are an event in itself during the Super Bowl. Make sure they’re loud enough so people can enjoy and hear them and at the end you can have everyone vote on their favorite commercial.

Offer beer promotions: In a sports bar environment, 52% of people who order beer will order premium light beer. So, make sure you have a lot around and a good promotion in place. Remember these are sports fans.

Promote catering. If you do not have facilities or enough space for organizing an event, or want to gain extra revenue promote catering services for the game. Customers can come in and pick up their orders. It will definitely pay off.

Benefits of video marketing. Record a short video and share it on YouTube and show footage from past Super Bowl parties. This way you can share with your fans on social media what they can expect at your bar during this important sports event.

Don’t just rely on social media. Use your customer database and start an email marketing campaign to promote special offers for the Super Bowl party. You can also create online invitations to inform your guests about special offers. Traditional table tents, flyers and good old word-of-mouth marketing will help support your efforts.