Expo Gastronómica Cooks Up Innovation for the Food Service industry.

In Mexico City, from June 26 to 28 of this year, the Expo Gastronómica 2024 will take place at the WTC facilities. National and international exhibitors will provide our attendees with the best elements, tools, and knowledge to excel in the food and service industry, as well as the restaurant and hotel industry.

This event offers a window of opportunity for industry members, where we aim to observe and acquire new tools, products, and services through a shared experience, making them better in their field.

This edition features a series of specialists in the fields of gastronomy and the food industry, including renowned chefs, communicators, and experts in food and service.

We strive to be present through various actions, which is why our stages are enhanced with innovative elements. Our Cooking Show opens its kitchen and microphone to simple, homemade, and delicious cooking.

Our Gastronomic Forum encourages us to think beyond the plate, encompassing research, creativity, music, and design. This year, in the Mexican Barista Cup, our judges will have the responsible task of analysis, as coffee returns as a main protagonist at the Expo Gastronómica. In the International Catering Cup, we will marvel at high-level participants, putting even the toughest judges in a difficult position. In the Disciples Escoffier competition, the technique will be elevated, and in the Pate Croute competition, the French technique must be impeccable. In the Vatel Pasión Cup, contestants will challenge the jury. Each competition is of high caliber, and the number of young chefs registered will lead us to discover talents who will represent Mexico abroad.

This year we have three culinary experience rooms where the best chefs residing in Mexico, both Spanish and national, will thrill us with unique dishes. Additionally, we have once again a specialized beverage area called Bar & Drinks, where 21 tastings will be held over three days, featuring all kinds of drinks, including spirits, digestives, wines, and non-alcoholic beverages.

This year, our experiences are endless. In our gourmet space, the promotion of high-quality artisanal products is linked to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises looking to promote their products and generate new business opportunities. This year we have over 500 brands from 120 exhibitors, with more joining. We have 12 demonstrations, 17 presentations, and 21 wine and spirits tastings, making this event the most important in Mexico in 2024. Our influx of professionals, entrepreneurs, and students gives us an average attendance of over 9,000 attendees, where executive chefs, restaurant owners, directors and managers of restaurants, hotels, and banquet managers, as well as directors of industrial dining rooms, will find the elements to meet their needs.

The Expo Gastronómica continues to cook up innovation for the Food Service industry. Therefore, our doors will be open from June 26 to 28, 2024, at the WTC, hoping that each presence leaves a mark and plants the seed for future actions in all those who live cooking like us: with a passion for innovative cooking.


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