JA$germeister Unveils First U.S. Television Ad Campaign

On May 3, Jägermeister will debut a television and 360° advertising campaign in the United States. Late last year, Mast-Jägermeister SE and Sidney Frank Importing Company, Inc. appointed Mistress as advertising agency of record for Jägermeister. Together, they enlisted critically acclaimed film producer Albert Hughes and Emmy Award winning Director Alastair McKevitt to capture top talent including Keyshawn Johnson, Kerry King, Freddie Roach, Mike Lingerfelt, Mister Cartoon, Nathan Fletcher and Rob Smets in the creative, called “Stronger Bond,” aimed at the 21-29 male demographic.  
Seven men at the top of their respective crafts were handpicked and brought together to form the ultimate bond. Each of these men in the Jägermeister “Stronger Bond” commercial not only had to embody the untamed edge of Jägermeister, they also had to be a part of a group whose success relies on their strong bonds with others. The bold new television advertising features five-time world champion bullfighter Rob Smets’ induction into the group, inclusive of an all-pro wide receiver, rock icon, world champion boxing trainer, NASCAR pit crew chief, famed street and tattoo artist and big-wave surfer.
“Jägermeister has always been consumed socially. This product was originally developed for, and dedicated to, hunters that have deep connections to their craft and each other. The 'Stronger Bond' campaign triggers stories of this kinship and bonding from the brand’s deep history and highlights that bond amongst this exceptional group of men,” says Michael Volke, Member, Executive Board, Mast-Jägermeister SE.
Jägermeister is making a significant investment in media buys and product integrations across multiple cable networks such as FX, Spike, Comedy Central, ESPN, Discovery and Fox Sports in collaboration with the brand’s U.S. media buying agency of record, Crossmedia. Jägermeister is also partnering with online lifestyle sites such as Complex and VICE, as well as buying outdoor advertising in key markets across the nation.
The May 3rd reveal of the “Stronger Bond” creative also marks a milestone for Jägermeister’s digital marketing efforts. Consumers will be introduced to an all new www.Jager.com, developed by Jägermeister’s U.S. digital agency of record Hi-ReS!, which will not only house all relevant brand information, but also will deliver in-depth and behind the scenes documentary videos and footage for each of the seven men around the table.
View the “Stronger Bond” campaign at www.YouTube.com/StrongerBond.
Brand fans are invited to join the conversation and share their own experiences through customized apps within the official Jägermeister U.S. Facebook fan page www.facebook.com/JagermeisterUSA and twitter feed @JagermeisterUSA.