Profitable Marketing Promotions During Coronavirus

Nick Fosberg operates two locations in Illinois, currently, one of the last remaining states to announce a reopening date for bars and restaurants in the country. The lack of on-premise dining hasn't slowed Nick's other venture, creating and coaching owners and operators on how to generate sales by increasing the effectiveness of their marketing.

While many businesses are pulling back on their marketing budgets, Fosberg is investing his time and money to be laser-focused on promotions that drive sales. During these tough economic conditions, every ad dollar counts, and customers, whether loyal are not, have cut back on spending. This is why he's focused on low-cost promotions that can stand out in local markets. Below are three profitable promotions specific to the coronavirus lockdown with a quick breakdown of each.

Community Promotions

Focusing on the community and giving back is extremely important right now. However, the savvy operator figures out how to amplify their efforts so the entire community hears about it. This promotion focuses on giving back to first responders and subsequently generated over $15,000 in free publicity from the biggest newspapers, radio stations, and tv stations in his local area.


Identifying Corporate Support

Not every business is shut down and targeting partners to help drive more sales that are also looking to contribute can drive corporate sales that are missing with businesses working remotely and events being cancelled. Nick turned a call from a local banker into a much larger sale and then brought in another corporate sponsor netting an additional $10,900 in added sales.


Consistent Traffic in Uncertain Times

Given the business climate, trying to figure out staffing levels and forecasting revenue is incredibly difficult. Fozzy's has created promotions that drive sales that are predictable by continuing themed nights but with a COVID-19 twist. This has led to an additional $1,000 in sales every Thursday for his business.


The country is starting to reopen but this doesn't mean bars and restaurants should slow down with creative promotions. As a coach, Fosberg is also working with other clients to drive delivery and to-go sales considering these transactions will continue to be a larger share of overall sales for the foreseeable future. His last promotion, which you can watch here, actually brought in $9,436.00 in sales from $293 in Facebook ads.

You can check out all of his promotions here and gain access to the marketing materials he used to generate these sales and free publicity so you can copy, paste, and make some simple tweaks to fit your own business.