5 Ways to Improve Your Music

The music you play in your bar, restaurant, hotel or lounge makes a statement.  It immediately creates an identity. However, most owner operators either fail to pay attention to their music or leave the selection up to unqualified individuals.

Here are five ways to improve your music today, gain more control and become more profitable:

  1. Get Rid of Your iPod - Your music should not be played from your bartender’s iPod. Not only is it illegal but also sounds horrible.  Song repetition, volume level fluctuations and poor audio fidelity are just a few of the many obstacles this platform presents.  
  2. You’re Not a Music Expert – Think of your music as you would your food or drink menu, a carefully crafted selection created by trained professionals.   Get in touch with a licensed company that specializes in music design.  It’s worth the investment and peace of mind.
  3. Become Sensitive to Volume Levels – Setting the correct volume level in each zone of your venue is critical.  Volume levels that are too low or too high will make guests feel uncomfortable.  Levels should be set to buffer conversation from table to table; you shouldn’t be able to hear the conversation that’s happening two tables over.  Also adjust levels accordingly throughout the day & evening as your venue becomes more (or less) crowded.
  4. Speaker Placement – Most locations simply do not have the correct number of speakers for their venue.  It’s more desirable to have an effective number of smaller speakers strategically placed throughout the room then to have a few larger speakers in each corner.  Hire a professional sound company with experience in hospitality sound application to evaluate your needs.
  5. Music is Profitable –It’s scientifically proven that playing the right music at the right tempo at the right time can significantly increase profits.  Following these steps will attract your target audience, keep guests in the room longer and increase check averages.  Start paying attention to your music today and watch your sales soar.

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