Archived Webinar: 7 Simple Systems to Control Your Food Costs & Explode Your Profits

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David Scott Peters, Founder,

Operating a restaurant has not changed much fundamentally over the past 50 years, but running a profitable restaurant has. The first thing restaurant owners must do is have the proper mental approach: a top-line mentality with a bottom-line efficiency. In this webinar, presenter David Scott Peters, founder of, will teach attendees how to look deeper into the cost of goods sold calculation to take back control of their checking account and improve the profitability of their restaurant. David has been a long-time presenter for the Nightclub & Bar Show and focuses on teaching independent bar and restaurant owners how to use systems to be as successful as their big-chain competitors. Attendees of this webinar will begin to make more money with the menu they currently have just by digging in with the systems David teaches, including:

1. How to turn the product on your shelves into cash in the bank.
2. How to find your bar or restaurant’s true costs by category and then lower them.
3. How to cost out your recipes so that you make money on every menu item.

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