Bacardi Tops 300 Awards to Sustain Title of Most-Awarded Rum

Coral Gables, FL (January 14, 2010) — BACARDI® rum, the world's favorite and best-selling premium rum now tops 300 awards—sustaining its title and position of “the world's most awarded rum.”  This highlights the Bacardi commitment and dedication to producing a range of rums of exceptional quality and great taste.
Bacardi has a well documented history of superior rum-making since its founding in 1862 in Santiago de Cuba when Don Facundo Bacardí Massó revolutionized the spirits industry by creating the world's first light-bodied rums and flavored rums.  For nearly 150 years, through seven generations of Don Facundo’s descendants, Bacardi has focused on quality, taste and excellence. BACARDI rum has been recognized and awarded in sixteen countries around the world.
Some of the recent accolades the BACARDI rum portfolio has secured include the top awards at the World Spirits Awards in Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria; the Monde Selection in Brussels; the International Wine & Spirit in London; and the International Review of Spirits in Chicago.
In addition to these awards, BACARDI 8 rum just received critical acclaim in The New York Times. The New York Times spirits panel pronounced BACARDI 8 as having “the ring of true rum authority” and declared, “...the Bacardi was our best value.”
Because of its exceptional taste and quality, BACARDI rum was chosen for the creation of some of the world's most loved and timeless cocktails.  The Mojito was created with BACARDI® Superior rum in 1862; The Daiquirí was created with BACARDI Superior in 1898. The Cuba Libre—BACARDI® Gold rum and COCA-COLA®—was first mixed in 1900, and the original Piña Colada was made with BACARDI Superior in 1922.  For nearly a century and a half, BACARDI rum has been at the heart of making great tasting cocktails.
With BACARDI rum you will find consistency in taste and quality all over the world as it is specifically blended to the same flavor profile no matter where it is enjoyed.