High-End Nightclub, The Ice Bouquet, Announces Grand Opening

Source: Boise Weekly:

The Ice Bouquet officially announced Sept. 24 that the beleaguered former Blues Bouquet space at 1010 Main St. will soon transform into a high-end nightclub and music venue.

“Everything you can think of that Boise doesn’t have, this is what it’s going to have,” said Tazz Weatherly, director of marketing and promotions. “It’s going to have bigger performers, we’re in the works of booking JoJo. There’s also talk that we’re going to get Xzibit.”

Nathan Gorringe, manager of Rockies Diner, is behind the new venture, which plans to open Saturday, Oct. 27, with a Halloween shindig.

“The main bar, contractually, we were supposed to keep it, so it’s still there. But everything else is going to be redone,” said Weatherly.

She said the revamped space will lean toward upscale but won't be exclusive.

"We don’t wanna just shun away from other audiences, it’s more of a welcoming environment for all. Just high-end, high-class, none of that hip-hop stuff," said Weatherly.

The Ice Bouquet will feature an array of different bar options to appeal to different crowds.

“Our first bar that you walk into as soon as you walk in the doors is more of your $2 drink area. … As soon as you walk toward the back, it becomes a lot more private. … You can go in there free of charge, of course, and have a nice wining-and-dining type of environment while still overlooking the dance floor. … VIP goes up to the second story and it looks over the dance floor kind of like a mezzanine feeling,” explained Weatherly.

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