Salt, Butter & Eggs: Foodservice Trends for 2022 Revealed

Technomic released their 2022 foodservice predictions in three reports this week, focusing on the U.S., Canada and global markets..

Overall, Technomic predicts that industry will continue to recover in 2022, with the U.S. surpassing 2019 sales levels, and Canada is expected to be just 3% shy of pre-pandemic sales levels. Across the board, operators will be focusing on adaptive strategies to navigate labor constraints, supply chain challenges and the continuous shifts in consumer behavior.

Read on for a summary of the findings, or read the full reports here.

U.S. Market Predictions

  • The U.S. F&B industry is expected to see a 10.4% increase in sales in 2022, largely driven by menu inflation.
  • Much of this growth will be seen in senior living facilities, supermarket foodservice and limited-service restaurant. Full-service bars and restaurants will experience a slower increase in growth.
  • Operators’ top priorities will focus on offsetting challenges related to inflation, labor and supply shortages.
  • Menus are expected to become more innovative, as operators make do with less and begin presenting familiar ingredients in unexpected ways.
  • In an effort to address labor challenges, the hospitality industry will embrace virtual hiring events, raise hourly wages, introduce signing bonuses and start offering benefits like 401(k)s and healthcare.
  • Plant-based proteins and ‘milks’ will continue to gain traction.
  • Operators will continue to embrace both on-premise and off-premise offerings, as consumer habits are constantly changing with each new variant.
  • We’ll finally get robots! Leading QSR chains will lead the way in automation, in an effort to ease labor shortage pains.
  • Comfort food (and drinks!) is in, and that means salt is having a big moment.

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Canadian Market Predictions

  • The latest data suggests Canada’s foodservice sector will increase 21% from 2021 numbers, and full-service restaurants are expected to grow sales by 26.2% in 2022.
  • The F&B industry is running lean: skeleton staff, ghost kitchens, smaller footprints and condensed menus are expected to continue in 2022.
  • Facing the same supply chain issues as the U.S., Canada will also embrace innovative ingredient preparation, to avoid new SKUs.
  • Virtual is here to stay, like QR code menus and contactless payments. No surprise there.
  • While the U.S. is on a salt kick, our neighbors to the north are diving into fats. Butter, to be precise, and in every variety: flavored butter, yeast butter, infused butter, browned butter, nut butter, clarified butter. Hey, life is better with butter, who are we to argue?

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 Global Market Predictions

  • Chicken is about to get dethroned by eggs, which are becoming one of the hottest menu items around (maybe because of the chicken shortage which has plagued markets for months). Expect eggs in all-day offerings and elevated preparation methods. And unfortunately, yes, in punny branding.
  • Speaking of eggs, the breakfast boom is coming! Expect new morning offerings, all day offerings, virtual brands, subscription models, even breakfast bundles.
  • Ghost kitchens will become less of a ‘thing’. The businesses aren’t going anywhere, they’ll still be doing their thing, people will just stop talking about them all the time.
  • The functional model comes for dessert. In 2022 it won’t be enough to serve it a dessert that tastes good, it needs to do good, too (good for your skin, good for you immune system, good for your aura, you get the picture).
  • Great news here: emerging local brands are expected to boom as the world returns to a space of relative normality.
  • Here are some very specific items Technomic predicts will be popular in the year ahead: halloumi, mutabal, plant-based egg, pao de queijo (Brazilian cheese bread), soup, stew, Tlayuda (Mexican flatbread) and lastly, avocado coffee. No complaints here, it all sounds delicious.

For more detailed information, visit to read the full reports.

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