The Top People Articles of 2019

Image: Romrodphoto / Shutterstock (Server carrying plates and delivering food)

This year, we’ve been sharing the Nightclub & Bar Five Pillars with you. These are the five major areas of business on which you should focus to improve operations.

People is one of these crucial pillars. Without the managers you trust to ensure your standards are met every day, the team you recruit, hire and mentor, and the guests you serve, you don’t have a business.

The articles below are the most popular Nightclub & Bar People articles of 2019.

A better understanding of what guests and team members want will help you succeed in 2020. Leadership is about much more than delegating your authority and getting your way—it’s about leading people by setting the example.

Help Crown Royal & Packages From Home Send 1 Million Care Packages by 2020

Giving back to your community—and those outside of the market you serve—should be part of your brand’s culture. People want to know the bars, restaurants and nightclubs they support have values that are in line with their own.

Opening Night with Chef Brian Duffy on Food Network: Table by Jen Royle

Chef Brian’s television show Opening Night highlights his holistic approach to improving restaurant operations.

Kentucky Bourbon vs. Tennessee Whiskey: A Bold Verdict

One of the boldest and most outspoken spirits industry CEOs, Fawn Weaver of Uncle Nearest, makes an audacious claim about whiskey. Weaver is one of the frankest people in our business, and we love it.

These 8 Steps Will Help You Fix Your Bar or Restaurant

Donald Burns, popular Nightclub & Bar contributor and Nightclub & Bar Show speaker, identifies the people to nurture and how to cultivate them, the people to remove from your business immediately, how to become a better leader, and more.

Finish the Year Strong: 2019 Nightclub & Bar Staff Incentive Guide

Believe it or not, there are members on your team that aren’t motivated solely by money. Some want recognition and rewards for their efforts.

How a Code of Conduct Can Save Your Bar or Restaurant

Your team wants you to lead them. Learn how a code of conduct can improve your leadership skills.

21 Tips to Turn Your Staff into Sales Champions

Your guest-facing team members are a salesforce—turn them into the best salespeople in their market with these tips.

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