Webinar Replay: COVID-19 Planning: 90 Ways to Survive the Next 90 Days

We activated three industry experts for a webinar to discuss how operators can survive the next 90 days.

Andy Chun (Sidecar Hospitality), Sean Finter (Barmetrix) and Bob Frankis (Cirrus Consulting) shared the state of the industry and how we can all band together to bring it back in three months.

During this severely trying time, it's important to prepare for the worst but remain positive for the future. When things are at their most dire, rational and proactive minds drive recovery efforts and lead others to survival.

If you were unable to join the webinar live or would like to watch it again to digest all of the information provided, please click here.

Below are a few key takeaways from the webinar.

One Strong Voice

Each expert agreed on one crucial element to ensure the survival of this industry and as many operations as possible: Everyone must unify.

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Pressure needs to be put on insurance companies, lawmakers and government officials to provide relief to our industry, which employs close to 16 million Americans. Join Facebook groups and hospitality organizations to marshal as many voices to address our concerns with those in positions to help the industry and millions of hard-working Americans.

Support Your Team

If you've had to lay off or fire staff, remember that they've lost more than their jobs and source of income. These people have lost their hospitality family.

Get them together (if safe to do so) to feed them and give something back to them. They've been there for you, working to make your business a success. This is your time to be there for them in any realistic way possible, said Frankis.

If you're able to do so, providing even one meal per week to your staff is helpful. Giving them this meal also allows them to check in with each other in person, a boon to emotional and mental health if they're comfortable leaving their homes and coming together.

Not only is this the right thing to do, your support will be rewarded when people can return to work and dine out safely.

Remain Optimistic

Bar, restaurant and nightclub owners and operators are naturally optimistic. This is a challenging business in the best of times, so this character trait is even more important today.

"If you can't be a complete optimist, be a realist," said Sean Finter.

Eventually, this situation will improve. People will be able to leave their homes and gather once again, and they'll want to return to bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

"I want to be there to pour that first beer," said Andrew Chun.

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Along those lines, now is the time to assess your business. Evaluate what can be upgraded and the changes you can make over the next 30 to 90 days to have the venue you've truly always wanted. It's likely this industry is going to go from crawling along to sprinting. Planning for and executing a renovation, update or remodel now can put you ahead of the pace.

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