Will Restaurant Customers Pay to Upgrade to the Best Table in the House?

Tablz said it's redefining the future of dining in North America by enabling diners to select and upgrade to the table of their choosing – or the best seat in the house.

How does it work?

Think of it as an opt-in upgrade for restaurant customers, similar to first class seating on an airplane. However, Tablz allows diners to view a 3D walk-through of a restaurant’s dining room and seating options, so they can pay to pick the exact table they want to sit at before they reserve it.

Currently, restaurants on the Tablz network are selling tables from $5 to $100 to customers, with many restaurants having a yearly dining room value of more than $100,000 in net-new profit with no cost attached. And no, Tablz's process is not a second system restaurant operators must manage; Tablz works in conjunction with existing reservation setups.

The new Tablz solution essentially curates a network of the best tables in the best restaurants across North America, enabling restaurants to unlock one of their greatest assets. However, it fundamentally changes the relationship between the diner and the restaurant itself by personalizing it.

If a customer is planning a date, taking their mom out for dinner, fighting to find a group table to watch the big game, or just wanting special seating, Tablz can now find the table based on the customer’s individual needs... at a price.

Tablz Pay to Reserve Restaurant Table
Tablz monetizes a restaurants dining tables. (Photo by: Konstantin Zibert / BigStock.com)

“After a successful pilot period, where we saw 2,500+ premium tables organically and voluntarily booked by consumers, we are excited to leave stealth mode and make a lot of noise,” said Frazer Nagy, co-founder and CEO of Tablz.

Founded in Ottawa, Canada, in 2021 by a team of multi-time founders, Tablz’s overall goal is to revolutionize the future of restaurant dining by monetizing the physical real estate that’s available in dining rooms. By the end of 2022, Tablz expects to see 100+ marquee properties utilizing the platform, as well as tens of thousands of bookings, and a waitlist of restaurants waiting to join before Christmas.

“Despite the current stock market turmoil, the fundamentals for growth in the travel and hospitality space remain bullish due to the fact that consumer savings in Millennial and Gen X bank accounts are at an all-time high, said Nagy. "In Canada alone, that accounts for $300 billion and $2.7 trillion in the USA. We live in an experience based economy, travel and tourism is the category that is identified by these demographics as a significant portion of their budget, compounded by the pent up demand coming out of COVID.”

Tablz recently completed a $2.5 million pre-seed financing led by RiverPark Ventures, Another Round VC, In Good Company Hospitality, Branded Strategic Hospitality, and notable founders such as Krystle Mobayeni (of BentoBox) and Steve Simoni (of Bbot and Doordash). With this new investment, Tablz plans to augment its leadership team and bring thousands of new tables into its network.

To learn more about Tablz, visit Tablz.com.

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