Let’s Do Better: Hospitality Industry Reactions

Some days are harder to write than others. Certain days are slow news day, and other times the creative juices just aren’t following. Today isn’t hard to write for either of those reasons.

There has been enough news to fill several weeks of stories and plenty of passionate emotions that are overflowing. Today is hard trying to assemble the right words to capture the pain, hurt, anger, and the myriad of feelings across so many communities. So today, we’ve gathered social reactions from our industry as we try to move forward.

Many said that with coronavirus shutting us down, the time was now to rebuild and reshape the industry. 2020’s radical pace is now bringing another glaring issue more to the forefront, and while difficult, uncomfortable conversations are to be had. Let’s continue to support each other, build each other back up, and do what our industry does best, care for one another.

We heard the last two months how we were in this together, now, let's focus on the message of we're better together by standing together.



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