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Anne Becerra is the beverage director at Treadwell Park, which offers two locations in New York City with 20 rotating draught craft beers and ciders, cask beer, and handcrafted artisanal cocktails.

Passionate about all things beer, Anne is the first female Certified Cicerone in New York City. She has been at the helm of some of the best craft beer bar programs in Manhattan before taking on her current role at Treadwell Park. 

We spoke with Anne about beer, trends, industry challenges, and more!


What does it mean to you to be the first female-certified Cicerone in New York City?

I think just the fact that that sentence is a catchy one-liner has been incredibly helpful in bringing attention to a great industry full of amazing beer professionals.

It’s still surprising to some that you can have a career in hospitality that’s focused mainly on beer, so being able to peak people’s interest with a title like that in order to talk about so many wonderful things beer has to offer has been the best part. 


How do you curate Treadwell Park’s beer list? Are there certain types of beer, brands, locales, etc. you look for?

First, I make sure there’s a wide variety of flavors, ABVs, and price points showcased at all times. With the vast array of styles being produced right now, I believe anyone should be able to come into a beer bar and find something they truly love. Styles like tripels, brown ales, saisons, bocks, etc. can sometimes get overlooked in favor of the latest craze, so for me it’s important that we continue to offer a wonderful selection of diverse styles that are interesting and delicious. I also make sure there’s a reason for every single beer on the menu—the reasons vary of course, but I take into consideration things like value, consistency, people behind it, industry buzz, and so many other factors—then mash them all up and go off instinct. 


What’s currently trending in beer?

The hazy/juicy IPA is still pretty ubiquitous, but we’re starting to see a lot more focus on some of the classic craft styles like West Coast IPAs and American pilsners, which makes me really happy to see. The craft “light lager” has been slowly building up but is really kind of cementing itself now (easy drinking, “crushable” beers meant to compete with the macro lagers of the world but with more flavor). I’m also really excited to see more and more breweries making delicious, consistent, well-priced options alongside all the experimental styles. People will always want to try new things from their favorite breweries, but they also want to be able to pick up a six pack and have confidence that the beer will be good. So I’m happy to see breweries taking note and offering some good, classic options alongside the trendy or playful ones. 


Are you seeing any particular trends in the on-premise?

I’m noticing that people are paying a lot more attention to how a place makes them feel, rather than just the product/food/drink being offered. Whether guests are looking for excitement, comfort, camaraderie, or some kind of “wow” factor, if they’re going to go out and spend money, they want to make it count and feel good about it.


treadwell park beer
A selection of beers at Treadwell Park. (Photo: Treadwell Park)

What ingredients/flavors are you currently enjoying working with most?

Well it’s not quite the same with beer as it is with cocktails because I’m not a brewer that’s using any particular ingredient. But what I’m really enjoying these days are the growing number of breweries incorporating elements of terroir into their beer that represents their area in some way. Everything from brewers working with local farmers to include interesting grains and fruits, using unique types of wood to barrel age, or utilizing spontaneous fermentation, which allows a big chunk of a beer’s flavor to be determined by their surroundings. I like being able to experience a little sense of place that can’t be found anywhere else and getting to see what the brewers feel makes their communities and regions so special. 


What are some of the top challenges in the hospitality industry right now?

When you think of everything that needs to be juggled for a bar or restaurant to work, I think the biggest struggle is finding a way to balance it all. Hospitality professionals on all sides want to work hard and be fairly and consistently compensated, guests want to enjoy a great product but also get a good value, restaurant owners need to make a profit (after taking into consideration rising cost of goods, labor cost, operational costs, etc.), and all of these factors need to be balanced on a constant basis through all of the typical ups and downs. It's establishments that are able to do this well that have long term success, and I think if we constantly place equal importance on each of those aspects (and in a perfect world, do so without ego or greed), our industry will be unstoppable.


Any advice for other women in the industry?

Having a solid understanding about what I love about the industry and why I’m doing what I do has been consistently helpful to me. There are always challenges, no matter what field you’re in, but having a strong foundation and knowing why you’re there, what your goals are, and then frequently checking in on those can help you remain passionate and positive when difficulties arise.


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