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Cheers to 30 Years: DeVault Enterprises is Transforming Bars and Restaurants

In the high-pressure world of bars and restaurants, success is a hard-won prize. With the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting a 20% failure rate for new establishments within two years, the daily grind of restricted storage and cumbersome kegs can feel like an insurmountable challenge.

DeVault Enterprises recognizes this struggle. They understand that the strength of your business lies in optimized operations, maximized storage, and effortless keg management. Their innovative suite of keg solutions—the Keg Dolly, Keg Spacer, and Keg Storage Stacker—directly address these critical pain points, transforming obstacles into opportunities for efficiency and growth.


The Keg Dolly, with its 16-inch diameter, allows safe and efficient keg movement while maximizing storage space. The Keg Spacer eliminates steel shelving by enabling keg stacking and simultaneous tapping of both top and bottom kegs. Finally, the Keg Storage Stacker maximizes cooler organization with space-saving storage for full and half barrels.

Since 1993, these products have been transforming the way bars and restaurants manage their kegs, and in turn, transforming their businesses.

But how did these innovative solutions come to be? The story, like many great inventions, begins with a family bond.

In Mike Devault's recounting, the connection with his cousin Harold Culverson was rekindled during a family funeral. Harold, who had been a delivery driver for Anheuser Busch, identified a significant demand for secure and efficient keg transportation and organization. During their reunion, Harold introduced Mike to his innovative creations — the Keg Dolly and the Keg Spacer. Intrigued by their potential, Mike agreed to see about selling a few. He received 50 units of Keg Spacers after their conversation and set out to try and sell them.

Mike ventured to a bustling area with bars and restaurants, where he successfully (and much to his surprise) sold all 50 units within two hours. This marked the beginning of an enduring partnership. Their collaboration flourished, and they participated in their inaugural Bar & Restaurant Expo in 1994 at Bally's Hotel and Casino. Over the ensuing three decades, Harold and Mike have steadfastly worked together on numerous solution-driven product developments tailored for the bar and restaurant industry.

"We're not just selling products," says Mike, "we're offering solutions. We see ourselves as partners in our customers' success. Every Keg Spacer, every Keg Dolly, is a symbol of our commitment to making their lives easier, their coolers more organized, and their businesses more efficient."

His words resonate with countless DeVault's customers across the country for whom their keg solutions have become an indispensable part of their operations. And for those just starting out in the industry, Mike has a message: “The road to success is rarely smooth, but grit and dedication pave the way.”

He continues, "We've all faced challenges, but it's through perseverance, teamwork, and the ability to adapt that we overcome them. That's the story of our company, and it can be yours too."

DeVault remains committed to innovation and problem-solving, promising further effective solutions that stand the test of time.

Ready to raise a glass to efficiency and organization? Visit DeVault Enterprises at Booth #1270 at the Bar and Restaurant Expo or head to their website to order your own keg spacers and dollies and transform your cooler from a mess into a masterpiece.

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