Restaurants Need to Meet Customers on Multiple Channels

Think about buying a pair of sneakers from one of your favorite brands. Odds are, you aren’t pigeon-holed into buying that pair of shoes from a singular place, like the brand’s website. In reality, you’re able to buy directly from the brand, but also from a third-party retailer, like a department store, or even through a quick click on TikTok or Instagram. Retailers have been meeting their customers across different channels for years, and it’s now expected when we’re on the hunt for a product. So, why isn’t it expected when it comes to our favorite restaurants, too?

In 2023, it will be imperative that restaurants fully embrace this omnichannel approach for their customers, too. This is largely due to the fact that customers are discovering restaurants in more places than ever before – like TikTok and other social media platforms that have grown almost 10 percent in the last year – and want to interact with their favorite restaurants in new ways.

A Shift to All-in-One

In 2023, an omnichannel approach will be driven by a very deliberate shift toward all-in-one systems, with capabilities consolidated into one platform and operators being able to expand their reach and offerings to customers. DoorDash’s recent move is an example of this. Now the platform – which is most famously known for its food delivery services – offers restaurant reservations within the app (thanks to an integration with SevenRooms).

This shift allows for customers to interact with their favorite restaurant – or perhaps one they happen to order from frequently and decide to visit in-person on a whim – in more than one way, creating convenience and ease of use for them.

More Channels, More Revenue

Outside of convenience, establishing an omnichannel approach allows for operators to increase revenue. By taking advantage of social media or a delivery app, operators are able to distribute their inventory in a way that meets customers where they are and sell through multiple avenues. In turn, securing revenue from channels previously unknown to or underutilized by their teams.

The variety of channels helps create a better customer experience overall (remember the convenience and ease of use?), turning first-time guests into customers who come back time and time again. And, in today’s crowded restaurant space, this kind of loyalty means more than ever – not only for repeat business, but, ultimately, repeat revenue that operators can count on.

Looking Ahead

Heading into the new year, restaurant guests will continue to seek out new and cherished restaurants on their favorite channels. Guests will be anywhere and everywhere going forward, and the only way restaurants can step up to the plate and see success is if they implement the right omnichannel tools, no matter what. 


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