Try This Solution for Improving Communication in Your Bar/Restaurant

The restaurant atmosphere is often a noisy one, both in the front and back of the house. The more guests you have in your establishment, the higher the demand for faster turnaround of tables and a greater potential for increased revenue.

To accomplish these goals, your staff needs clear and quick communication. This is where two-way radios and the benefits of them come into play. Through my time at, we have worked with many restaurants and bars to improve their communication. Here are a few benefits to investing in two-way radios for your establishment.

Quick, Clear Communication

Two-way radios give staff the ability to communicate clearly. Whether it’s the kitchen staff calling for a server to pick up an order, or a server trying to locate the front-of-house manager to help a guest, your staff needs the ability to converse quickly and clearly to ensure the patrons are receiving the best service. To achieve a higher level of communication, consider investing in a two-way radio system with earpieces for ease of use. For larger restaurants, purchase radios with at least four four watts of power and multiple channels to separate who can speak with whom – although smaller restaurants will be fine with just a smaller, lightweight single-watt radio.

Increasing Revenues

By investing in quality radios and accessories, you can maximize your cost savings. Not only does spending a little more on higher quality devices mean you are getting a better system, it also means you are providing your team with better tools that will last longer and are often easier to use because they don’t drop signal as much as some cheaper radios. So, while your front-of-house staff is communicating effectively with the kitchen staff, your guests are receiving top-of-the-line service. In turn, the faster service will result in more turnover so you can accept even more patrons into your establishment, resulting in more revenue.

Return Business

two way radio communication bar communication

When guests are happy with their experience at your bar or restaurant, they often return and refer family and friends. The power of a positive experience is highly sought after for any business or service. Creating a great night out for your guests can only be achieved when you are providing customers with the confidence that the service they expect at your establishment is top of the line and will be the same for their friends.

Providing your staff with the right tools to perform at their best ensures your guests are receiving the best service possible. Implementing two-way radios boosts communication, which leads to less mistakes that can hurt a review of the restaurant.

With customers’ expectations at restaurants and bars getting higher all the time, it’s critical to keep staff in sync and communicating effectively. Choosing the right two-way radio system can help you achieve these goals and keep customers returning for years to come.


Stewart McClintic is the Co-owner of is a two-way radio and accessory located in Scottsdale, Arizona.