Watch our Final Evolve Session (For Free!) Next Week

This free virtual event brings Los Angeles industry experts together to talk about optimizing the guest experience - and how that can boost your bottom line. (Peeterv / GettyImages)

Next week will be our final Evolve session! The next time you will see a stellar lineup of speakers like this will be in person at the Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas.

We designed Evolve as a six-month virtual series to take attendees through a journey of navigating the global pandemic and the worst economic conditions our industry has faced since Prohibition, 100 years ago. Throughout the course of Evolve, we’ve spoken with operators around the country on some of the most pressing topics, from staffing to marketing, operations to F&B. We’ve been in New York, Texas, Nevada, Washington D.C and Seattle. Now, we’re finishing off in California.

We’re ending the series on the most important element of hospitality: the guest experience. Great marketing, flashy beverage programs, and sleek technology may drive initial visits, but if your hospitality isn't at the top of its game, no business can weather the storm of delivering a poor experience over time.

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Let's dive into a few speakers who we will hear from next week and the lessons to be learned:

Our first guest is Joann Spiegel who is one of the original forces behind the Miracle Pop-Ups that continue to explode in growth after eight years. They take "immersive experience" to the next level, and their sold-out bars and lines out the door pre-pandemic showed that. We’ll talk design elements, connecting beverage programs, and why guests love this concept so much.

Next, we sit down with Anthony Henry, General Manager for Trademark Property Company. But what does a landlord have to do with guest experience? Well, that's where we change the narrative and highlight the effect a good partner to the hospitality industry can have. It’s part of a cycle. A successful bar or restaurant attracts visitors. They, in turn, attract more retail venues. Retain venues attract shoppers, and shoppers become potential guests for on-premise venues. It’s a rising tide that can lift everyone’s profitability. While not every property manager will talk about capturing "heart share", this is a great conversation to listen in on if you are trying to come up with creative partnerships for fellow tenants and/or landlords.

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Josh Kopel, a restaurateur and serial entrepreneur, has seen the world of hospitality from his Louisiana background to the highest levels of service in Los Angeles. Tune in to hear how this Michelin-star winner treats every guest as the pillar of his business, and how he approaches training to make sure his team understands these values. We’ll also talk about what he looks for in an amazing experience when visiting operations that are not his own.

Guest experience is not just how your staff treats customers, but also what you offer them! Boston Beer has advanced insights into thousands of points of data and will give a brief overview on how to get smarter with your beverage assortment. Make sure you aren't isolating any potential guests or missing sales by not having a wide variety of products that fit your business model and clientele.

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We're excited to close our last ever Evolve session with two of Bar & Restaurant’s own Advisory Board members. Michael Tipps and Chef Brian are both fantastic speakers, hospitality pros and two of the sharpest minds in the business. We'll discuss how they approach guest experience, how they teach it to their clients, and what sets world-class apart from the average establishment.

Stick around until the end to get an exclusive glimpse into this year’s Nightclub & Bar show, and what we’re most excited about. Tipps will review several clients who went from first-time attendees with zero background in the bar business to now running profitable seven-figure business operations. Chef Duffy has eight other dynamic chefs coming to the show to preview brand new dishes that operators can incorporate to elevate their food program in a way that boost the bottom line.

Join us for our last Evolve session, April 26, 2021 at 1pm EST. It’s totally free to attend – just register online here.

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