Las Vegas Plans to Re-Open at 100% Capacity

Operators are excited about Las Vegas' official re-opening (Pexels / Pixabay)

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak plans to reopen the state at 100% capacity by June 1st, just weeks ahead of the annual Nightclub & Bar Show. This is a blanket mandate, which would allow bars, restaurants, hotels, sporting events and concerts to operate at full capacity for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic shut down the country last year. A statewide mask mandate remains in effect.

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The governor announced his reopening plans, saying, “I am pleased to announce that I am confident every county in the state of Nevada will be able to fully reopen at 100% capacity by June 1.” As part of the re-opening, the state is turning over control of Covid-19 safety measures to local counties as of May 1. “That authority will also now transition to the counties, so they can make decisions based on what works best for their local jurisdictions,” said Governor Sisolak. Sisolak also stressed the merits of social distancing. “Every health official will agree that [social distancing] is still an important prevention tool.”

Las Vegas, the state’s largest city, is under Clark County jurisdiction. Clark County is voting on their proposed enforcement plan tomorrow morning, at 9am local time. The move has local operators excited to get back to business.

“Covid has had a big effect on Las Vegas,” says Juyoung Kang, lead bartender at The Dorsey at The Venetian. “It changed the way business is done and how service is conducted. The atmosphere still isn’t what it used to be, but that is going to take time.” Regardless of what the government votes decide, Kang feels confident people will continue to stay socially distant.

Ryan Doherty, Founder of Corner Bar Management, describes the city as ‘waking up’ and getting back into shape for the world-class service it’s know for. “It seems like the worst is behind us,” says Doherty. “We know how to handle and safely sort large crowds, and our sanitizing standards are the best in the world. I think the city has done a terrific job of keeping everyone safe.”

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“Las Vegas just captures the essence and the energy of this industry in a way no other city can. The fact that Nevada is opening to 100% capacity from is awesome news for local businesses and we hope it is the turning point for the industry,” says Bar & Restaurant Vice President, Tim McLucas. “We’re thrilled to be one of the first in-person events to bring bar & restaurant operators together again and prepare them for the industry rebound. We are working closely with the state and the Las Vegas Convention Center to make sure we’re putting on the safest show we can – including wider aisles, masks and socially distancing.”

Nightclub & Bar Show returns to Las Vegas, June 28-30 at the Las Vegas convention center. For more information about the show and our safety procedures, or to register, check out

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