2023 Trends: 6 Things to Look for Next Year

Over the next few weeks, we'll take a look at 2023 trends to keep on your radar. Technomic, which provides foodservice clients around the globe with research, insights, and strategic consulting support, gets us started with its recently released report on 2023 trends titled, “What We Foresee for 2023.”

Here’s where they predict your focus should be going into next year.

1. Pain Points

As inflation, supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and the specter of a recession continue to plague bars/restaurants, Technomic is still optimistic that the back half of 2023 will show improvement for the on-premise—especially since any recession is expected to be mild.

And increased prices isn’t all bad news, as sticker shock at the grocery store will lead consumers to view the perceived value gap between food at home and food away from home as smaller, making dining out more attractive.

Visit frequency may still be down despite this change in perception, but guests will want to maximize each outing, which could lead to higher check sizes, premium options, and longer stays.

2. On-Premise Recovery?

The desire to maximize occasions eating out speaks to pent-up demand after years of social distancing and restrictions.

Technomic says the return to offices, increased travel, and longer wait times for pickup orders are also driving more diners into the on-premise. This will put a strain on labor-strapped venues already challenged by inflation, and it’s for these reasons that the on-premise likely won’t reach pre-pandemic levels.

3. Employee Expectations

Speaking of the labor shortage, Technomic predicts that worker activism and labor union activity surrounding wages, scheduling, and benefits will continue and perhaps even increase. With much playing out in legislation about unions, wages, and more, new benchmarks may be set—such as the $22/hour wage being proposed in California.

(Viktor Smith, Pexels)

4. Golden Grains

When it comes to food trends, grain products with a high-profit margin will appeal to operators in 2023. Old favorites like pasta, bread, etc. will shine alongside international options that will satisfy consumers’ hunger for something new. Technomic lists Jamaican coco bread, Philippine suman rice cakes, and South Indian appam pancakes as possible new additions to menus.

5. Pickling

Technomic picks pickling and fermentation as a trend that will stick around in 2023. This will manifest in the bar as sour cocktails made with things like kombucha, miso, and sake. On the plate, pickling could extend to proteins, side dishes, and garnishes.

pink salt 2023 trends

6. Pink is In

In the 2010s, millennial pink was all the rage, and now pink is making a return—to food and drink. Technomic predicts bubblegum flavors, funfetti, and new maraschino infusions that will all invoke nostalgia—a popular trend in and of itself. Flavors and ingredients will include strawberry, dragonfruit, pink salt, pink pineapple, and more.



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