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Do you want your bar, restaurant or nightclub to be more profitable? Of course you do—silly question.

Here’s a better, more important question: What metric are you using to track the profitability of your business?

Do you use your cashflow to gauge the profitability of your bar? How your restaurant performs against its break-even point? Sales compared to the same day last year?

The reality is, I asked a trick question. Measuring just one metric will never give you a clear picture of your profitability.

Many elite operators have a favored metric they look at on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. However, they check a multitude of measurements throughout the year to track performance and adapt as necessary.

The Nightclub & Bar Profitability Guide, the latest entrant in our Survival Guide Series, provides the tips you need to improve profits and overall operations. With insights from Michael Tipps and Homan Taghdiri of Invictus Hospitality, Erick Castro, David Scott Peters, Dennis Kiingati and more, it's a can’t-miss download!

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